Generations and Technology Survey – Isabella Smythe

Technologies are evolving at such a rate it almost makes it impossible to notice the lasting effects this has on different generations. By surveying 20 anonymous people from two different age groups (Under and over 30’s), using the same questions regarding technologies, common different opinions emerge from different generations.

It is by using this information that an insight into the influence these new technologies over time, such as smart phones, can be established. This blog post will reveal some of the more common answers from each age group for each question and explore these results. (All surveys were signed with consent for results to be published).

Question 1:
 photo 1cue_zps7e4900f8.jpg

From the results of Question 1, it becomes clear that majority of the younger group (Group 1) are on their phone for more than an hour each day, some even more than 4 hours, while Group 2 are for less than 30 minutes.

Question 2: photo 2_zps401be07c.png

From Question 2, it shows that Group 1 tend to use their phones more at night, potentially cutting into sleep thus negatively impacting sleep patterns, while Group 2 use their phone in the morning, perhaps due to work reasons.

Question 3:
 photo 3_zps9a861fc1.png

With Question 3, Group 1 found that their social events were highly impacted by smartphone use, with 100% saying it was at least of some issue. Group 2 had many different opinions for this one, however were still less effected than Group 1.

Question 4:
 photo 4_zps8c8c7999.png

From Question 4, I can be seen that Group 1 have high levels of anxiety when without their phone, while Group 2, while still experiencing it, had significantly less.

Question 5:
 photo 5_zpsfebdc9ff.png

Question 5 revealed that majority of Group 1 feel comfortable, while majority of Group 2 feel discomfort with how quick technologies are evolving. This is important to note the different psychological feelings of generations towards the same topic.

Question 6:
 photo 6_zps68c0b764.png

Question 6 showed that all of Group 1 felt somewhat confident, while Group 2 revealed some hesitation, demonstrating furthermore the divide in opinions of evolving technologies.

As it can be seen from these results, it is mostly the younger generation that feel the biggest impact both socially and psychologically from these emerging technologies, while it is the older age group that feels anxious for the future. From this, we need to question the severity of the impacts of these technologies using opinions from a cross section of the population, rather than let them go unnoticed as our society changes. Furthermore, it is by using this information that we, as designers, can speculate on potential future scenarios based on the difference in behaviours and values between a generational age gap.

1. -, 2013. Generational Age Gap. Available online:


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