An outside perspective of OS: Life (Interview) – Sophia Chan

After the development of our group prototype in response to Task 3, I was most interested on an outside perspective of our concept and whether or not this product could be evolved further to appeal to a global market. Prior to the interview stage, I briefly introduced them to the product, and concept, allowing them to have a contextual understanding of OS: Life.

Note: This interview was conducted over Skype.

The product is called OS: Life and it’s a system that is injected into your system using a painless syringe. The injected liquid is contained in small vails which contain different liquids depending on your desired skill sets and abilities you want. For example we have the the most basic form of liquid which is like a Siri. However you can inject yourself with different substances depending on your desired skill sets and personality. This system also gives you health benefits from immunity to diseases to re-coding your cells to heal a broken bone etc. OS: Life also connects you to an online database where you are able to develop a sensory experience of a place/person even if you are not physically there.

Interview Questions:

1. After hearing about this product, would you personally invest in it and use it?

2. Do you think this product would be possible in the future?

3. How do you think this will change the way our present life is, more importantly human interaction?

4. Are there any ethical issues or concerns that arise from this product?

5. What further suggestions can be made to improve this product?

Listen to interview here:


Initially, before the interview, I had already predicted some responses, however the interviewee made some interesting comparisons with the class division of the OS: Life where he compared the concept with someone holding a gun, and feeling more power and authority over the unarmed people. This allowed me to put my concept in a different perspective and raise an issue on equality and human rights. Another comment mentioned was in regards to the last question, where he questioned the purpose or motive of this product and who invented it and why. Was it to make more money, or do they have an intention of revolutionising the human race and our systems. As predicted, he thought that the concept was interesting in terms of whether people would be motivated to use it, however he still believes that physical human to human interaction should be done regardless as an essential part of human nature. During the interview, he also questioned whether or not the strength of the product could potentially overrule the police, say if someone was the commit a crime, would the criminal be stronger than the police and if so maybe the effects of OS: life shouldn’t be too overwhelming where a person is five times stronger and so on then another as the power would be difficult to contain. From this I gathered another crucial point to our concept and perhaps a need to re-evaluate the potentials of OS: Life and maybe set some restrictions on the product, so that the concept would not seem so far-fetched.


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